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Poznań Komorniki

Around the world with Poznaniek

from 08.07 to 16.12

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We invite you to the second instalment of our series “Family meetings with the theatre”! From July to December, the youngest will learn about the fascinating adventures of a cheerful and curious boy – Poznaniek.

The performances will be accompanied by creative workshops, during which children will make gadgets and decorations inspired by the presented stories.

Theatrical performances will be played twice a day, at 12.30 and at 15.00. You can take part in family creative workshops from 12.00 to 17.00. Participation in the events is free.

The plot of the performances will arouse the curiosity of the world and other cultures in the young participants. Young viewers will find out that thanks to openness you can not only get to know distant countries, but also gain friends! The attractive form of the performance will bring children closer to the unique world of theatre!

In the first edition of the series “Family Meetings with Theatre”, Poznań visited, among others, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, China and Egypt, and now new adventures await him. Here is the schedule of monthly meetings:

  •      July 8th – The underwater world of Australia – how our little traveller got to know the underwater world of this region and made friends with a jellyfish. Creative workshops: jellyfish in bottles
  •      August 12th – Pasibrzuch – Poznaniek, getting to know the culinary world of Italy, eats so much that it topples the leaning tower of Pisa. Creative workshops: pasta jewellery
  •      September 16th – Tea at the Queen’s – Great Britain. Poznaniek dreams of meeting the British king. Creative workshops: boho style gadgets
  •      October 14th – Taming the bull. Poznaniek becomes a bullfighter and takes part in the Spanish corrida. Creative workshops: puppet bullfighters
  •      November 25th – The Big Bang. Poznaniek ends up on an island, where he sees a volcanic eruption for the first time and meets the Shaman. Creative workshops: we create our own volcano.
  •      December 16th – Poznaniek meets a polar bear. Creative workshops: animals from the Arctic.

We invite you to join the theatrical fun!