For lovers of unique items - Poznań Komorniki
Poznań Komorniki

For lovers of unique items

from 16.02 to 09.12

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The antique fair is a real treat for people who like history and art. These unique items with soul are at your fingertips in our Shopping Centre!

Fans of things with an original story are invited to visit the stands in the Shopping Centre passage:

  •      December 7th -10th

It is worth visiting the antique fairs in our Centre to feel the atmosphere of bygone years. The atmosphere at such fairs is as unique as the exhibitors’ offer. The items on display will include unique interior design elements and decorations in various old styles. Cups, plates and spoons will be perfect as original gifts for your loved ones, and a decorative mirror or a box for valuables will please many antique lovers.

Lovers of the notes coming from the “black” record will also be pleased with their visit to the fair. At one of the stands, they will have the opportunity to supplement their collection with vinyl records by artists representing various musical genres.