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New educational series “Little Explorers”

from 10.02 to 15.06

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Come with us on a journey to the fascinating world of science! From February to June, we invite you to participate in a new series of family educational meetings entitled: “Little Explorers”. There are plenty of attractions for lovers of scientific puzzles and experiments.

As part of the new series, we invite you to 5 meetings filled with workshops and games that will allow participants to become fascinated with various fields of science and learn many interesting facts.

Under the supervision of animators, young participants will perform simple tasks, thanks to which they will learn about various chemical and physical substances, learn what space and dinosaurs look like, and learn why it is worth caring for the environment.

The first meeting entitled “Experiments” will take place on Saturday, February 10. During the classes, children will discover that the liquids found in home cooking have extraordinary powers and will discover what a dry people is. Young participants will learn whether water can be mixed with oil, whether balloons can be inflated with vinegar and how to make pictures on milk.

The next meetings in the series will be held:

March 9th – “Cosmos” – participants will learn about stars, planets, and during the classes they will be treated to galactic memory XXL. During the workshops, children will make an ornament that will perfectly illustrate how the cosmos is built.

April 13th – “Dinosaurs” – children will learn what types of dinosaurs lived on Earth, learn about the profession of a palaeontologist and recreate the skeleton of a prehistoric creature.

May 25th – “Ecology” – while playing, children will remember how to properly segregate household waste and why it is important. In turn, games in XXL format and a newspaper fashion show will provide a lot of emotions and interesting information. During the workshops, seemingly useless objects will be turned into creative toys.

June 15th – “Moon” – participation in the meeting will allow young participants to gain a lot of information about the moon, and during joyful fun, children will also learn how to get to it. During the workshops, they will make “moon sand” with a unique galactic colour.

Meetings from the “Little Explorers” series take place from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance.

We invite you to have fun together in the world of science!