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Detective games for children with their favourite heroes

from 19.05 to 20.05

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Anyone can become a detective! Fingerprint testing, substance analysis, treasure hunt and many other detective games await children visiting our Shopping Centre on May 19th and 20th. All this in the company of the heroes of the popular series of books about the adventures of Lasse and Maja. We are waiting from 10.00 to 17.00. Free entrance.

Among the planned attractions, everyone will find something for themselves!


Children participating in the meetings will listen to stories about the adventures of extraordinary characters – Lasse and Maja, who are not afraid of even the most complicated puzzles! Activities for children, including detective and archaeological workshops and a city game, will refer to the adventures of the heroes. Participants will learn about detective methods, such as fingerprinting, evidence analysis and substance analysis. Knowledge in the field of archaeology will also be useful in the work of the investigator, so the little detectives will take part in excavations, during which they will measure and draw the found treasure and carry out the necessary analysis. There will be laboratory classes during which children will examine evidence under a microscope.


Another attraction will be a city game, which will take place in the passage of our Shopping Centre. During the game, guests will play the role of seekers of lost treasure elements and will be tasked with deciphering interesting puzzles that test the knowledge of books and orientation in the object. Teams will have to go through a specific route of five points, and along the way they will surely face ciphers and puzzles. The power of sensations is guaranteed!

We invite you to have fun together!