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Poznaniek invites children on a theatrical journey!


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Poznaniek – a cheerful, curious boy is the hero of a series of free theatrical meetings for children in our Shopping Centre. The next show will be on Saturday, May 13th. The event will be accompanied by family creative workshops.

The theatrical performance will be performed twice a day, at 12.30 and at 15.00. You can take part in family creative workshops from 12.00 to 17.00.

The plot of each of the performances contains educational elements and arouses the curiosity of the world and other cultures in the young participants. Young viewers find out that thanks to openness you can gain not only knowledge, but also friends! An interesting form of puppet theatre presentation will bring children closer to the unique world of theatre!

On Saturday, May 13th, children will watch a performance entitled „Meksykańska fiesta: jak Poznaniek zjadł papryczkę chilli”. Together with the hero of the show, young viewers will visit Mexico and learn about the delicacies of the local cuisine, full of expressive flavours and aromas, and will also find out why moderation should be used when seasoning dishes with chilli pepper.
The performance will be accompanied by creative workshops, during which you will be able to practice manual skills and make fabulously colourful mini piñatas filled with sweets. Piñata is a paper form in any shape, decorated with colourful pieces of paper, inside which sweets are placed. During a game, for example a birthday party, the participants have to knock down a piñata using sticks. The one who succeeds takes all the sweets hidden inside.

The next performance with Poznaniek character in the lead role will be shown on June 10. Then the children will learn the story of „Poszukiwacz skarbu, czyli o tym, co odkrył Poznaniek w Egipcie”. During creative workshops, young participants will be able to make Egyptian stained-glass windows.

We invite you to have fun together!